I am The High Commander, and you will refer to me as such
~ Evil Dick asserting dominance over Tommy, Sally and Harry

Evil Dick was a minor antagonist from the hit comedy show 3rd Rock From the Sun. He was a rogue alien employee of The Big Giant Head who imposed as The High Commander, using Dick's genetic makeup to fool the unit and kidnap the real Dick in his basement. His master plan was to impregnate every woman in Rutherford so he can create a powerful army to take over the world.


Evil Dick has many similarities with the regular Dick (they are both vain, arrogant, narcissistic, rude, selfish, completely clueless towards human cultures, loud-mouthed, impatient egomaniacs). However a difference is that Evil Dick is power-hungry, psychotic, ruthless, dictating and extremely demanding towards his unit. Evil Dick has shown to be perfectly immoral, even willing to go against The Big Giant Head by impregnating every woman in Rutherford (excluding of course women who were already pregnant and those who were too young or old) to create his own army of "mini-Dick's" to take over the world. Evil Dick is incredibly suave and romantic, he is extremely confident when it comes to women and is able to use his charm to woo Mary Albright, a feat which took Dick an entire year to do so. He is very assertive, plain-out kissing his assistant, Nina Campbell and landlady, Mrs Dubcek. However Evil Dick is slightly insecure, after being manipulated by Dick into admitting that his father never loved him he actually admitted it and went back to the Home-Planet in peace, indicating that he might have redeemed himself in the end.