The Evil Cat Sisters (often shortened to E.C.S.) are the main antagonists of the comedy anthropomorphic comic series, Androzons - they are also recurring antagonists in the Extinctioners but are modified in that series to fit in better with Extinctioners : in their original incarnation they are comedic villains but in the Extinctioners universe they are far darker and more openly sadistic in their actions.

The Evil Cat Sisters are, in both series, advanced cybernetic beings under the command of Dr Hilda Van Burden and seek to take over the world on her behalf - each represents a member of the big cat species and consider each other sisters, they are also tasked with protecting Chekari II, a bratty but extremely powerful artificial "son" for Van Burden and the one who believes himself to be the true ruler of the world.

In addition to the sisters the group consists of innumerable robotic beings created by Van Burden using animals, enhanced by ultra-advanced technology into anthropomorphic super-soldiers by which to conquer time and space.