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You can't stop me, Brandy! I've trained with the best!
~ Evil Brandy

Evil Brandy is a villainess in the comic strip Liberty Meadows.

Encounter and Fight Between Evil Brandy and the Other Brandy

Evil Brandy is an alternative Brandy from a paraell universe. There, she was a criminal mastermind. She was accidentally set free by Oscar, a wiener dog, and tied up the real Brandy. She then revealed her plan to kill the veternarian Frank because, in her world, he's named Ace who is one of the most powerful lawgivers there, and she thought Frank would ruin her plans to take over both the parallel Earth and Liberty Meadow's Earth by using androids called Pokemonkeys (a pun on Pokemon), and disposes of her Earth counterpart. She then uses her feminine charm to seduce Frank and hold him and Ace hostage. Then a catfight between her and her counterpart occurs. According to Ace, kissing her is like kissing Hitler. She is later put in prison in the paraell world, seeking vengeance (maybe).

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