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Evil Black Pirate is the main antagonist of Russian cartoon "Blue puppy" (rus. Голубой щенок).


A puppy, who is strangely born with a coat that is a shade of light blue, is rejected by all. Nobody wants to play with him or to be his friend. Even the Grey Dogs avoid him. The Black Cat, a dodger and a faker, is the only one that feigns interest. Unexpectedly, the Pirate attacks the island and using the Black Cat, kidnaps the Blue Puppy.

Along comes the Good Sailor, who always helps ones in trouble and does good things. As the Sailor sails the sea, the Black Cat tells him about the abduction of the Puppy. The Sailor decides to rescue the puppy and begins chasing the Pirate; the Pirate eventually attacks the Seaman with a sawfish which sinks the Sailor's ship. The Pirate ties the Seaman and the Puppy together with shackles, but the Puppy manages to free both himself and the Sailor.

Meanwhile, the Pirate and the Black Cat are celebrating their victory and sing a song about their spurious friendship. Their celebration is cut short, however, as the Seaman confronts and defeats the Pirate.


Blue Puppy18:59

Blue Puppy

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