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Do you know what'll happen when you get your flames back?
~ Ash Black to Iori Yagami
Are you really an idiot? Is that what you are? Are you stupid enough to think you can defeat me?
~ Ash Black to Iori Yagami

Ash Black is the final boss of King of Fighters XIII.


After Saiki is defeated by the winning team of the tournament, he looks up to the Gate of Fate, believing now he has enough energy to open it and rewrite history, but the gates starts closing. Knowing a time paradox would happen if he doesn't enter the gate, Saiki panics, which gives Ash Crimson the perfect opportunity to kill him. Ash had been following his orders just so he could gain his trust. However, Saiki possesses Ash's body, becoming Ash Black and attempting to fight the winning team again to gather more energy. Defeated again, Ash reclaims control over his own body, standing still to stop Saiki, who begs him to enter the gate. The gate closes, causing a time paradox that makes both Saiki and Ash to be erased from existence.


King of Fighters XIII OST - 1404:24

King of Fighters XIII OST - 14. Diabolosis(血の螺旋に狂うアッシュ)

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