The Evil Army Shadow Line are a group of villains and the antagonists of the 2014 Sentai installment Ressha Sentai ToQger. Their theme is a mix of the Victorian Era and the American Prohibition Era.


According to recent information, they hail from the underworld and their plan is to wrap the world in darkness. Their lair being a giant castle/railway station known as the Castle Terminal. It has multiple rail lines emerging from it, which give way to multiple versions of their own Ressha known as Kuliners to make their way into the world by taking over the stations. The Rainbow Line uses to spread their darkness onto Earth to consume cities with their influence by connecting with the darkness within the hearts of humans.

They plan to accomplish their plan by collecting the energy that is emitted from the human heart when it goes into states of rage, sadness, hatred, jealousy, and regret from the humans they abduct in order to create Dark Stations and enlarge Shadow Line's railway system. The more darkness they collect, the closer to completion the railway will be. Once the railway is complete, the Darkness Emperor can use his personal train to get to Earth.



Shadow Kaijin

The Shadow Kaijins are alien-like monsters that appear to be themed after inanimate objects which serve under the Shadow Line, leading the Kuros into battle against the ToQgers. Their job is to take over regions of Japan to expand the Shadow Line's borders, collecting negative emotions and suffering, and stealing Imagination energy to help bring their head boss, the Darkness Emperor, to Earth so they can take over.

Shadow Kaijin deployed by Zed

Zed's Shadow Kaijins seem to be about gathering sources of light & anything connected to light.

Shadow Kaijin deployed by Noir

Noir's Shadow Kaijins are focused about getting what she views as "quality darkness".

Shadow Kaijin deployed by Nero

Nero's Shadow Kaijins are about collecting darkness from as much suffering humans as possible.

Shadow Kaijin deployed by Gritta

Gritta's Shadow Kaijin are about helping Schwarz in any way possible.

Shadow Kaijin deployed by Nil



Special Arsenal/Vehicles

  • Kuliners/Kuliners Robo
  • Schwarz Kuliner/Kuliner Robo
  • Zed's Kuliner




  • The name of each member is a play on the word "black".
  • The Kuliners' Robo design is very similar to MegaZordloid from Go-Busters.
  • The fact that the higher-ups of the Shadow Line bicker amongst themselves could be a reference to Vyram from Chojin Sentai Jetman.
  • The ability to grow directly after the Shadow Kaijn's first destruction is similar to the 2 lives system the Ayakashi from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger employ, with their destruction on their second death being their final life. Only time will tell if the generals grow directly after their first destruction to make it a complete reference to the Gedoshu.


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