Evil's Baseball Team was a baseball team of evil spirits who competed against Good's Baseball Team in order to determine the fate of Peter Venkman's soul.


Due to them being evil that meant they were free to cheat. Things looked bleak when their relief pitcher came to the stand. Winston was playing on the good team's side and missed the ball twice. The other Ghostbusters attempted to help good win by cheating. Since they weren't directly involved in the game, the Ghostbusters believed that that meant it would be okay to cheat. They changed their mind at the last minute when Egon remembered The Umpire saying that no one was neutral and realizing that if they cheated by capturing the Relief Pitcher, good would lose. Winston then fortunately managed to hit the third ball and won the game. The evil spirits then melted away as they suffered the humiliation of defeat.


The Real Ghostbusters

  • "Night Game"



He is a green snake-like ghost. His throw is more like a sling in the air. Perhaps he was only there to keep the Relief Pitcher rested.


It is a thing that looks to have a lot of eyes.

Relief Pitcher

He is a one-eyed, pink elephant-like ghost. He proved to be a very formidable pitcher as Winston missed his first two shots. The Ghostbusters attempted to cheat so that good would win by capturing the pitcher. They stopped when Egon remembered The Umpire saying that no one at the game was neutral and that it meant that if they cheated, evil would win, since cheating is an act of evil. Winston luckily hit the last ball the pitcher threw and won the game. It is unknown what happened to him after the game was won, but it is possible that he melted away along with the other evil spirits.


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