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is a character who appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show episode "Gargamel's Sweetheart". She is an evil enchantress who uses her magic wand to torture people and to extort money and valuables from them. She has a pet weasel named Satin whom she carries with her draped around her neck like a mink stole.

In the episode, Gargamel encountered Evelyn when her chariot accidentally ran into the deep pit that Scruple had dug for him and his master to hide in so they could capture Smurfs. Gargamel fell in love with her at first sight, and though she was unimpressed by his actual living conditions despite his claim of being a very rich wizard, she was intrigued by his claim of knowing the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. She allowed him the use of her magic wand to capture Smurfs so he could make gold, though her magic wand proved to be too powerful for him to control and he was only able to capture two Smurfs who were bound up in flax stalks. Evelyn captured several more Smurfs with her magic wand and decided to take them home to her residence, although she was unable to get her hands on the gold formula. Instead, she lured Gargamel to meet with her in her home through a love letter, and together they were working on completing the gold formula when Tailor unraveled the fabric of Gargamel's robe to make a net to ensnare Evelyn with and Handy bound Gargamel's legs with the unraveled thread. Furious with Gargamel for his incompetence with the magic wand, Evelyn chased him out of her home.