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Eve Rafael

Eve Rafael is the protagonist villainess and the titular deuteragonist in the 2015 film, Lila & Eve.

She was played by Jennifer Lopez.


Eve Rafael is a woman who tragically lost her daughter, and she meets Lila Walcott after she attends a support group meeting. The two build a rapport which leads to Eve becoming Lila's sponsor, but the friendship takes a dark turn when Eve suggests to Lila that they go out on their and find out who killed Lila's oldest son, Stephon. On their mission, they end up confronting a pair of men who may have some knowledge regarding Stephon's murder. When one of them pulls a gun on them, Eve shoots him. The duo later head to a nightclub and encounter the pregnant girlfriend of a gangbanger, which results in Eve tying her up while Lila shoots and kills him at their home. At this point, Lila becomes apprehensive over their mission, but in response, the villainous Eve snarls at Lila and insists that, in so many words, there's no turning back. While Lila is showing photos of herself and Eve on her phone to Ben, she realizes that she's the only one featured. This leads to the revelation that Eve is a figment of Lila's imagination; created by Lila to help her do the things she's done. Eve's latest handiwork includes eliminating some gang members who were after her for revenge; doing so by setting up explosives at her house. However, Lila enters in an attempt to prevent the killing and ends up injured when it explodes.