Eve Mahn is an antagonist from the Extinctioners universe, acting as the personal bodyguard of the original Noah Adam Mahn (who she views as her father).

Although not much is known concerning the original Noah Mahn what is known for sure is Eve was the second of the initial tests to see if human and animal DNA could be successfully merged to create a new species known as "humanimals" - at some point she also developed the superhuman ability of telepathy, allowing her to read (but not influence) the minds of others.

  • Eve's name is a reference to Abrahamic lore, as is Noah Adam Mahn (Adam being the first man and Noah being a Biblical figure believed by many to have created a great Ark that saved Earth's animal kingdom during the Flood).
  • Eve is not a native of Alden - she is a mutated Earth animal much like Micro and Warfare, though she is quite advanced (she also remained loyal to the invaders, whilst both Micro and Warfare rebelled).