Eve Goode

Eve Goode was the main villainess from Glass House: The Good Mother.

She was played by Angie Harmon, who appeared as one-shot villainess Sydney Price in an episode of Chuck.

Eve was a nurse who was diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy, adopting children and slowly poisoning them. Once she nursed them back to health, she would poison them again just so they would need her. Her husband, Raymond Goode, was aware of her mental illness, but he would cover for her, which is what he did when Eve killed their son, David. The Goode take in Abby and Ethan, who lost their parents in an auto accident. Within days, Eve begins her twisted doting ways on Ethan, and when Abby notices her odd behavior, she (and, to a lesser extent, Raymond) do what they can to keep her apart from Ethan, especially after he becomes ill.

After Abby learns the truth about what's happening to Ethan, as well as past children in Eve's care, Eve catches Abby and attacks her before locking her in the basement. Abby eventually escapes and tells Ethan that they're getting out, but Eve hears her on the intercom and chases her with a spatula, with clear intent on killing her. While looking for Abby, Eve subdues Ben and attacks him with a syringe before finally fighting Abby on top of a stairwell. Abby shoves Eve down the stairs, but Eve somehow survives the fall and attempts to kill both Abby and Ethan. However, Eve is shot to death by Raymond.