Eve Snow White 1

Eve was the main villainess from Snow White: A Deadly Summer.

She was played by Maureen McCormick.

Eve was the evil stepmother of Snow, and she constantly resented the fact that Snow was getting more attention from Grant than she was. Much like the Evil Queen in the fairy tale version of Snow White, Eve talks to her reflection in her mirror, and in her psychotic state, her reflection responds that she should get rid of Snow. Eve sends Snow to a camp for juvenile delinquents, where they are murdered one by one by a mysterious killer, who is later revealed as Eve.

After killing Lyla, who went to school with her, the villainous Eve went after Snow, only to end up defeated. In actuality, everything Snow had experienced had been a nightmare caused by a drug overdose. Regarding Eve, Grant revealed to Snow that Eve committed suicide after being told that he wouldn't abandon Snow for her.