Possessed Eve

Eve turning into a villainess

Eve is a villainess from the 2007 film, Dead Mary.

She was played by Marie-Josée Colburn.

Eve was part of a group of seven friends who traveled to a cottage near a lake on vacation. She was actually a "seventh wheel" as she was with dating couple Baker and Lily, married couple Dash and Amber, and recently broken up Kim and Matt. Late one night, the septet tests out the legend of an evil spirit known as Dead Mary, and they unknowingly unleashed the spirit.

Eve turned heel during the climax of the film, when she was revealed to be possessed by Dead Mary while she was in a shed with Dash. Eve displayed her villainous persona by flashing sharp, jagged teeth, as well as a sinister smile on her face. After her heel turn, the evil Eve hissed and snarled at Dash before attacking him. She is later found outside attacking Matt as well, much to Kim's shock. At the very last scene in the film, Eve is (presumably) killed by Kim.