Evaccaneer DOOM is the true final boss of Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi. Upon clearing the first loop with 120,000,000 points without dying or using bombs and defeating the final boss in the second loop, DOOM reveals itself from the wreckage of the regular final boss (Evaccaneer) and attacks the player. The player cannot continue at this point, and if he/she loses against it, it's an instant Game Over.


  • The fight against DOOM is very reminiscent of the fight with Hibachi from the DonPachi series, except DOOM has a butterfly motif in comparison with Hibachi's hornet motif. In fact, even his theme song, No Remorse, is similar to Hibachi's theme.
  • The boss's name as well as its theme song may or may not be a reference to the first-person shooter Doom. Aside from its name, the theme song, No Remorse, may be a reference to one of Metallica's songs with the same name, and it was also one of the songs that inspired the first stage theme from Doom.


Ketsui DOOM

Ketsui DOOM