Eva Stellenbosch is a secondary antagonist in the second Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc.


Eva is from South Africa, and was Dr. Grief's second in command in the South African Security. She called these "happy days." Eva Stellenbosch loved torture, and she would work out with weights every morning for an hour just to keep her muscles in shape.

Eva Stellenbosch was in charge of looking after and rearing Dr. Grief's "offspring", his clones - including Julius Grief. Eva was like their nanny.

Eva was also vice principal of the academy, in charge of greeting new "students." She met Alex Rider this way, and took him from his fake home in Yorkshire, down to France, and then to a hotel in Paris where she secretly took Alex down to the basement at midnight, and evaluated him, taking pictures of his every move. Eva now knew everything she needed to know about Alex, for Julius to imitate.

Eva Stellenbosch took Alex to Point Blanc academy and introduced him to Dr. Grief himself. Grief said Alex was rude and disappointing and he would improve him.

Eva Stellenbosch was next seen when Alex found a locked secret door in the academy and set off every alarm in the school. Guards ran up, punched a code, and stopped the noise. Eva appeared and barked at Alex for intruding, and said the toilets were downstairs when he lied about it.

Eva Stellenbosch dragged James Sprintz, Alex's only real friend in the academy, downstairs to the Library in the middle of the night, and Alex was shocked to see James back in his bed, sitting up as if nothing had happened when he returned.

Eva Stellenbosch got wind of Alex's real allegiance and captured him, punching him in the face the moment he opened the cell doors, heehee. Eva then interrogated him with Dr. Grief, then locked him up overnight for dissection the next day.

Alex desperately escaped and Eva and Dr. Grief were furious at being woken and sent assassins down to kill Alex.

However Alex survived, only just, and returned to the academy with MI6 agents, and broke in. Eva Stellenbosch went mad with anger and hatred, and barged into the dining hall to fight Alex, and almost killed him, but Wolf, an MI6 soldier, broke in, gunned down Eva, and sent her flying into the night, dead, not before she shot at him and almost killed him.


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