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Eva is the secondary antagonist of the horror comedy movie Lesbian Vampire Killers. She is the wife of Baron McLadden, who returned from the Crusades to find Eva as now a vampire with her girlfriend Camilla, who had bitten her into a vampire. Eva survived Camilla's first reign of terror and waited as a vampire in the woods of Cragswich in Suffolk, where she attacked young women on their eighteenth birthday and turned them into lesbian vampires.

Eva also waited for her husband's true descendant to return to the village so she could mix his blood in with a virgins and resurrect her girlfriend. Eva turned all the women in the village into vampires, and had them all congregate in the woods for sex. Eva sought Jimmy McLadden, the Baron's descendant, and turned his old girlfriend Anke into a vampire, getting Anke to attack Jimmy but she was killed. Eva later broke into Jimmy's cottage, where he was with his new friend Lotte and old friend Fletch, and Eva turned Trudi and her friends into lesbian vampires, but Trudi was defeated by the priest and Fletch.

Eva broke in through the door but hovered there because Jimmy needed to invite her in. Sarcastically, Jimmy invited her in but he failed to realize what he'd done until too late. Eva overpowered Jimmy and Lotte and bought them as sacrifices to the cemetery. Eva announced the victory of Camilla to her followers, but Lotte commented she hadn't heard of Eva. The vampire said that Lotte's death would satisfy her and that Jimmy had McLadden's eyes, how she used to love his eyes.

Eva then got Jimmy's blood, and tried to bite Lotte but couldn't, because of her crucifix. Eva then vowed to soon transform Lotte and mixed her blood with Jimmy's, making a gate to Hell out of which came Camilla, who Eva delighted upon seeing, and made out with Camilla, kissing her. All the vampires engaged in sex, but the priest tried to kill Camilla, so Camilla and Eva ordered his death, Eva was smirking. Eva later confronted Lotte in the graveyard and tried to bite her but she was seduced by Lotte, then decapitated.