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The European Union is a country in Code Geass and is one of the thee major superpowers in the show nest to the Holy Britannian Empire and the Chinese Federation. It is the largest of the three nations and is the main setting for Code Geass: Aktio the Exiled. After years of war the EU has lost half of its territory by season 2 after Schneizel El Britannia led the Britannian Forces to victory. By the time of the Zero Requiem all remaining EU member nations have either stayed neutral or ratified the United States charter and joined the United Federation of Nations.


In the Code Geass timeline, Napolean was successful in his campaign in Europe and led to the very foundation of the European Union. In 2010 the Holy Britannian Empire had invaded the small island nation of Japan and the European Union and China sat by and did nothing as Japan was soon transformed into Area 11 and was completely subjugated under Britannian rule. At the start of the series it is revealed that the EU and Britannia are infact at war and around 2017 Cornelia li Britannia is sent to Egypt (presumebly) where the EU is advancing in on the El -Alamein Front in the episode Refrain. The EU recived very little attention is season 1 as it was only mentioned a few times when Charles zi Britannia made a speech opposing equality, Cornelia for going to EU controled Africa, and multiple times when Schneizel had conquered over half of the EU territory by using the Knights of the Round and negotiating with actual EU member nations. In Code Geass season 2 episode 3 their is a biref moment where EU Forces are defending a small Italian city against advancing Britannian Forces and are pushing them back when Suzaku Kururugi showed up and destroyed all of the defenses. By the end of season 2 most of the EU territory is either gone (annexed into Britannia), joined the UFN, or declared neutrality.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

The European Union gets the spotlight and more attention in the Code Geass spin-off Aktio the Exiled where the EU is the main setting for the anime. In the anime, it focuses on Akito Hyuga, a Japanese exile as he is forced to fight in order to survive and must combat the massive Britannian expansion of Europe and the threat from Euro Britannia, an organization of European-Britannian nobels who have roots in old Pre-EU Europe and now want to reclaim their ancestrial territory. With increasing death toll on both sides, the European government uses the Japanese refugees known as "Elevens" and promises them freedom in exchange for military survice however they have little survival rates and are only used so less Europeans have to die fighting the Britannian forces. Akito the Exiled gives more light on the EU and shows how the EU is just like Britannia in the way it treats the elevens, as trash and forces them into ghettos only to be used to fight wars that the Europeans have been fighting and suffering from. the Japanese refugees accept the deal for a better home however most of them don't make it home as they have low surival rates and often use their Knightmare Frames as bombs to blow themselves up in a kamakazi-style assualt in order to deplete the enemy's numbers. One famous Japanese-European soldier is Akito Hyuga due to his psychotic and professional tactics and ways of fighting the enemy. Akito himself is under the control and influence of Geass that makes him such a good soldier. His skills proved usefull when he stopped Ryo SayamaYukiya Naruse, and Ayano Kosaka from abducting EU army general Gene Smilas and all 3 were recruited into the EU military.


The European Union is a democracy, possibly the only one in the world of Code Geass with the authoritarian state of Britannia and the Corrupt monarchy of China. Gene Smilas had often claimed that the EU itself was actually a dictatorship and was the reason for the suffering of the Japanese refugees as evidence is shown that the reufgees are forced into ghettos, have no jobs or money, and are often insulted and ridiculed by European soldiers and in an extreme case, negelcted and frogotten by the European public. the actual leader is unknwon however the EU counsel was seen brielfy in an episdeo fo Code Geass overseeing the creation of the Japan Special Zone.


The European Union Military is the main military of the EU and is one of the largest in the world. The EU military appears to be made up by varius State Forces. Though the purpose ofr these State Forces is never fully explained it could be that each nation that is part of the overall greater European Union has a local military force but serves to protect the entire EU in times of war.

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