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 The Empire of Euro Britannia, Euro Britannian Empire or Euro Britannia for short is a small sub-empire located in Britannian Ocupied territories in the European Union. It is made up of Britannian Nobles with connections to old pre-EU Europe and have fought on behalf of the Holy Britannian Empire in an effort to reclaim their lost land. It is an antagonist faction in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.



Euro Britannia's origins begin back in pre-EU Europe. During that time, nobles had ruled the continent but were eventually overthrown by European revolutionaries and were forced to flee into exile back to North America where they had crushed a rebellion lead by George Washington and established the Holy Britannian Empire in its place. Europia United was established following Napoleon's successful military campaign and it modeled itself after the democratic ideals that George Washington had held.

War with Europe

By the time the 21st Century had began (according to the Imperial calendar), Europia United had control over 1/3rd of the world's people and territory and was the largest country in the world. During Britannia's invasion of Japan, they had managed to colonize the country and in 2017 atb, the began to go to war with the EU. After taking over numerous territories such as Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, Euro Britannia was established and its members all had personal vendettas against the EU and saught to reclaim and take back ancestrial land that was lost long ago.

Euro Britannia would act as Britannia's eastern front against their European rivals as their soldiers marched deep into Eastern and Southern Europe as well as Central Asia. Sometime during the war, Britannian Emperor Charles zi Britannia had sent Julius Kingsley and Suzaku Kurugi to support the war effort against the Europeans. Julius rose up fast and he would soon become one of the de-facto leaders of Euro Britannia and commanded the Britannian troops acting as their military advisor for the empire's military forces in Europe.


The Government of Euro Britannia acts very similiar to that of the Holy Britannian Empire being an imperial subject and sub-empire within its European territories. It has enough of the same structure as is seen in the Britannian homeland and what is seen in Britannia's area colonies but posses far more independence than the other colonies. The Euro Britannian head of state is the Grand Duke which is currently being held by Augusta Henry Velaines and is assisted by a house of lords made up of Britannian nobles from European decent.

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