Eunice MacCready & George MacCready

Eunice MacCready and George MacCready

Eunice MacCready and George MacCready were the elderly villains from the 1984 movie cloak and dagger

They were portrayed by the late actors Jeanette Nolan and John McIntyre.


Davey Osborne  is a 11-year-old who lives in San Antonio with his father, Hal Osborne. His mother has recently died, leaving just him and his father, a military air traffic controller who has problems relating to his child. Davey is a lonely child and is still grieving over his mother, so he immerses himself in the fantasy world of Cloak & Dagger, an espionage game which exists in both role playing and video forms. Davey has one friend, Kim, a girl who lives nearby with her single mother. Davey is interested in the world of espionage and his hero is the character Jack Flack from the game. He wants to live an action-packed life like Jack Flack and he carries around a water pistol as his "gun" and a softball as his "grenade". Davey spends much of his free time playing Cloak & Dagger and spinning elaborate fantasies involving Jack Flack, an imaginary friend who takes the form of a more dashing version of his father (the role of Flack is also played by Coleman).

One day Davey's friend Morris, who owns a video game shop in the local mall, sends Davey and Kim on an errand, where Davey witnesses a murder. Right before the victim dies, he gives Davey a Cloak & Dagger video-game cartridge and says that the cartridge contains important military secrets, that he must get it to the FBI. Davey seeks help from the authorities but they simply believe him to be engaging in fantasy play.

Murderous spies, led by the malevolent Dr. Rice, chase Davey relentlessly as he flees across the city. The action moves from Davey's house, to a series of tour boats, to the Alamo. Along the way Davey manages to continually evade his pursuers with the aid and advice of the imaginary Jack Flack. However, along the way Davey's relationship with Flack becomes more strained as his own sense of morality and concern for his friend Kim collide with Flack's harsh methods and cavalier attitude. This comes to a head when Davey is cornered by Rice, a brutal spy, along the River Walk.

During the fight, Jack Flack urges Davey to set up the two spies into the "Crossfire Gambit", causing one to kill the other. Jack convinces Davey to pick up the gun of the dead spy, but rather than shoot Rice, Davey panics and runs away down a dead-end path. Rice arrives and corners Davey. Assuming the gun Davey holds is the same red ink-filled water pistol from earlier, Rice taunts him by threatening to shoot both his kneecaps and stomach and allowing him to die in agony. When Davey proves unable to shoot first, Jack Flack provides a distraction and thus reveals himself as something more than simply Davey's imaginary friend.

Standing in front of a blank wall (and holding his Agent-X bulletproof beret in front of him for protection), Jack becomes semi-visible to Rice who immediately shoots him. Davey then fires in anger, killing Rice and causing him to fall dead into the river.

Davey realizes Jack Flack tricked him into shooting the spy and is filled with rage and guilt. He throws away the pistol, pulls the miniature of Jack Flack out of his pocket and, with a shout of "I don't want to play anymore!" breaks the miniature in two, stomping it into the concrete. Jack Flack tells Davey his father behaved the same way at his age, growing tired of playing "Cowboys and Indians". As Jack berates Davey, blood begins to pour from the bullets holes that now riddle his body. Expressing regret about the rule, "...leaving when they stop believing," Jack confesses Davey was always his favorite playmate. Distracting Davey by asking for a smoke, Jack fades away into nothing.

Earlier in a scene at the Alamo, Davey is befriended by a kindly elderly couple. Seemingly the only adults to believe him, or at least the only ones who are willing to humor his adventures, the couple turn out to be enforcers working for the spies. Davey manages to escape their clutches, but without the game cartridge, and he chases the couple to the airport where they are attempting to flee the country. At the airport, Davey forces the couple's hand by pretending that they are his parents and that they are abandoning him. When security attempts to intervene, the couple kidnaps Davey at gunpoint and commandeers a plane, unaware that Davey has brought with him a bomb which the spies had meant to use to kill Kim. Unwilling to listen to Davey about the bomb, the couple requests a pilot. Meanwhile, Hal has arrived at the airport with Kim's mother, and after hearing about the hostage situation, he volunteers to be the pilot. The two manage to escape safely, the bomb kills the dastardly couple. The film ends with the two reunited and Davey insisting he no longer needs Jack Flack because he has his father.