Ethelberd is a primary villain in the Rune Factory series. He is the emperor of the Sechs Empire, an industrial empire well known for its usage of military tanks and machinery, and its expanisionist goals.


To date, Ethelberd has only made appearances in Rune Factory and Rune Factory 4, and is briefly mentioned in Rune Factory Frontier.

in Rune factory  He plots to rule the world with the power of the Earth Dragon Terrable witch he later brainwash and cose his death in the 4th game After Lynette's failure at the end of the game, Ethelberd abandons her and sends in tanks to attack the village of Kardia. However, the elder dragon Terrable causes plants to grow in and around the tanks, stopping them in their tracks. Defeated, Ethelberd and his army are forced to retreat on foot.

Ethelberd is depicted to be war-driven and rules the empire with an iron fist. He doesn't tolerate failure from any of his military officials, and their punishment for failure is death.

Rune Factory 4

Ethelberd is the main antagonist of Rune Factory 4. He commands the Sechs Empire and does not stop at anything to get his hands on the Rune Spheres, only to use them for his sinister goals.  

He has been bent on revenge against all Earthmates since his defeat by one in the past. His hatred extends to the point where he has been systematically killing all Earthmates he has come across, basically the extermination of the Earthmate species he also brainwash the protects of the world and cose their death 

By using the rune spheres, he achieves the powers of an Earthmate. Using these powers, he steals Ventuswill's body to "become a god," losing his freewill in the process. the only thing he cares abot is power


  • In Rune Factory Frontier, his name was translated as Eiselbard.