Ethan Sinclair is the former boyfriend of Valentina Diaz and a former main character on Devious Maids. He is a poolboy working for both the Powells and the Delatours and is a secondary antagonist (and anti-hero) of Devious Maids, particularly in Valentina's storyline in Season 2. Him, along with Ty Mckay and the other thugs, are minor antagonists in Adrian and Evelyn's storyline, as they caused Adrian to become paranoid.

Ethan loves Valentina but when he and Remi first meet, we are shown that Ethan is quite a condescending jerk. He is also one of the robbers who are robbing Beverly Hills' rich and powerful and he even shot singer, Alejandro Rubio.

He confronts Ty and orders him to keep it quiet or else he and the other guys will turn him in.

When he and the other guys robbed Spence Westmore's house (Ty blackmailed them into doing it), he held Carmen hostage but Carmen stabbed him. As a result, Valentina asks Remi to treat his wound and Ethan tells Valentina about everything and Valentina tells him to turn himself in and then she'll forgive him.

However, he is too afraid to do so and plans to leave town but before taking some money to do so, he prevents his mother, Opal Sinclair from killing Marisol and just after he leaves, Opal commits suicide.


  • He was portrayed by Colin Woodell, who is also known for portraying the homosexual werewolf Aiden on the television show The Originals.