Ethan McKendrick is one of the main villains of the 1985 Western, Silverado.

He was played by Ray Baker.

Raybaker silverado

When the heroes, Emmett, Paden, Jake, and Mal, part ways when they arrive at the town of Silverado. Emmett and Jake decide to visit their sister and her husband, a land agent, who says that rancher and land baron, Ethan McKendrick, is maintaining the open range, which he's determined to conquer with his huge herds of cattle, by driving all lawful claimants off the land. Emmett defeated and killed McKendrick's dad in a gunfight years ago and hired men to kill Emmett when he was released from prison but they failed in killing Emmett. McKendrick burns Ezra's, Mal's father, house to the ground and puts cattle on his land to take the land over.

McKendrick has Calvin "Slick" Stanhope, Sheriff Cobb, and Tyree on his payroll and carries out his plans of taking over as much land and continue ruling Silverado as well. McKendrick has his henchmen kill Ezra, burn the land office, and kidnap Emmet's young nephew Augie, which gets the heroes to reunite and destroy McKendrick and his henchmen. The heroes begin by stampedeing McKendrick's cattle to provide cover for the raid on his ranch, the net result is most of McKendrick's henchmen are killed and they rescue Augie. Later Emmett engages in a gun battle with McKendrick on horseback and Emmett kills McKendrick by throwing him off his horse by ramming into McKendrick with his horse from a higher point and Emmett's horse's hoof collides with McKendrick's head crushing it and killing him.