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Cool Ethan

"Cool" Ethan Dulles is a Deeply Twisted College Social outcast and the main antagonist of the movie Slackers. Ethan is portrayed by Jason Schwartzman.


Ethan's not what one would exactly call evil, But he is deeply twisted, scheming, and psychotically obsessive. Ethan's an extremely unpopular young college student, However this is a result of his extreme lack of emotional maturity, ignorance of social norms as he is completely incapable of conducting himself properly, and his often disturbing behavior. Ethan is in love with beautiful classmate Angela. However, this "love" is actually an unhealthy obsession as he stalks her constantly to learn what he can. Has made a hair doll of her out of her hair he has managed to collect and video tapes her every move. Ethan has an obnoxiously high opinion of himself and is not above throwing absurd and obscene tantrums.

His obsession with Angela is truly disturbing. He's even broiled off his chest hair so that it's always in the shape of an A.

When Angela does associate with Ethan It's clearly out of pity.

Ethan's flawed personality is the result of a lifetime of rejection, loneliness, belittlement, teasing and extreme lack of affection. However this hardly condones his actions and he's not a figure of sympathy. He's willing to use blackmail, lying and whatever trick available to get what he wants and is selfish, concerned with only his own happiness over Angela's rather than let her be at peace and her own growing love with Dave the one he blackmailed. Despite Dave and his friends cheating, It is Ethan who proves to be a truly despicable weasel. When he learned of Dave and Angela's love for each other, Ethan became psychotically jealous and his and Dave's dislike for one another turned to burning hatred. Ethan tried to sabatoge the relationship by playing it out like Dave was the one stalking her. This earned him a well deserved punch from Dave, But as far Ethan was concerned Angela was all his.

In the end, He is expelled and hit with a restraining order and will be arrested if he even goes near Angela. His parents, Disgusted by his antics, Disown him and he is forever denied his dream job. He's then stuck with working miserably at his dead end restaurant job and sings of his love of Angela and his hatred for Dave. Forever doomed to isolation and lonliness.


Ethan has a major glass jaw. Having gone down after a good punch from Dave.

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