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Etain is the main antagonist of the film Centurion. She is the leader of a group of Picts hunting down Quintus Dias and the rest of his group.

She is played by Olga Kurylenko.


Etain was originally a warrior of the tribe of the Picts settled in Britain under Roman siege. When the Ninth Legion, under the command of Governor Julius Agricola had to advancing in enemy territory, Etain was hired to act as a guide to the legion. After a bloody ambush by the Picts who sees the whole legion wiped out, Etain appears next to the king of the Picts as it is a spy barbarian army. The Roman general Titus Flavius ​​Virilus is captured during the battle and chained in the village where the king of the Picts resides. The others are the only survivors of the battle centurion Quintus Dias, the Brick and five other Roman soldier. After deciding to free their general Flavius​​, sneak into the camp barbarian. Failing to release the general run away at the sight of the Picts and kill fleeing the king's son. After realizing the betrayal of Etain, the general is killed by the same after a furious struggle. At the end of combat, Etain launches an eerie scream of relief that shows her tongue cut off by the Romans as a child. Her hatred for the Romans comes from her childhood when the Roman soldiers during a raid massacred her entire family and raped her. Eager for revenge for the death of his son, the king of the Picts form a team with the most ferocious warriors and sends them in search of the fleeing soldiers. Etain, who heads the group of barbarians, relentlessly chase group led by the Roman Quintus Dias. After an escape strenuante that sees the death of almost all members of the group, three survivors reach the abandoned fort: Quintus, Brick and Bothos. Tired of escape, the three decided to face his pursuers. Initially Etain remains outside the fort but after the death of pitta with a bow, killed by Brick, decides to join the fight. Collects and hurls a spear piercing Brick, who was on the fence of the fort. Once inside Quintus sees that makes her come forward and start the fight against the centurion. During this fight with no holds barred, Bothos is thrown down from the walls of the barbarian who was fighting. It falls right at the foot of Etain who grabs him and tries to cut his throat with his sword. The man manages to hit it with his head and stuns and Quintus took the opportunity to stab with a knife, killing her. She died in the arms of Quintus that rests on the ground.