Esther the Emu

Eshter the Emu

Esther, also known as Esther the Emu, is the main antagonist in Disney's 1948 animated short, Mickey Down Under.


Mickey Mouse was seen looking for her egg, then she immediately devoured bananas. She is very funny and gets tickled by him, so Mickey Mouse took out his beautiful valuable jewelry objects and his wet napkin until Mickey Mouse was being desperate and afraid after he hits her eyes, then she began to attack and scratch him. Mickey Mouse was on her leg and she throws Mickey Mouse off of her leg, Mickey immediately ran so fast and she was scene chasing him. She was ultimately tied up by Pluto and she gets some rest.


She is a large brown emu with a yellow beak and yellow legs. She resembles like an ostrich with a large body.


She is also known for being extremely clever, nasty, and ferocious. She is ruthless and aggressive, so she is able to attack Mickey with her legs.