Esther Verkest is the main protagonist and antagonist of the flemish comic with the same name.

Esther is a good-looking young woman who’s completely aware of her looks. In her world, Esther is the most unreachable and the most wanted woman. She is also the biggest heartbreaker.

The most in the comic are about Esther cheating, since she is very lecherous and extremely disloyal to her boyfriend Arabella.

Cheating is, however, not the worst thing Esther does. She has kidnapped and threatened a clown to make her laugh, and she even murdered some men. Per example, she uses her charms to make men cleaning up her house, but at the end, Esther pushes the helpful men in her well leaving them to die.

Though, Esther isn’t always that evil. When she sells the soul to the devil to become a vampire, she’s relatively innocent. Her only offers to Satan are a mouse and some head lice from the head of a little boy. A lot of other gages aren’t even about Esther being mean. Esther is sometimes looking for the perfect man (when she is single) or she tries to be a writer. In some other jokes is Esther just the victim of the bizarre world she lives in.

Aside of Arabella, Esther has had a relatively long relationship with a giant and a Nate of American in the shape of a tipi. Most of her other relationships only remain for one night.