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Esteban is one of the main villains and a sexual predator in the 1994 crime film Fresh.

He was portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito.

He is one of the urban crime families residing in either Bushwick or Bedford-Stuyvesant - it's never specified. We first see him when Fresh meets to give him a pair of drugs. He is a family man. Who loves his little kid. But he's cheating on his wife. He tells Fresh to join his business--saying that it's more peaceful and less confrontational, which is half-lie, half-truth. His syndicate rarely involves themselves in violence unless it's a last resort. When Fresh goes to give Esteban his drugs, he says that no one knows Fresh like he does. But he has a bizarre side to him--he threatens to hurt Fresh for not giving his sister up to him. He sells heroin. He is more sophisticated than Corky. But he also is no different from Jake. He threatens to hurt Fresh for not giving his sister up to him. He is also a sexual predator. And while he doesn't rape Nicole, he pressures Fresh so much into giving Nicole up that he finally gives up. That is, until Fresh develops a plan to get him and Nicole out. Also, Chili, one of Esteban's henchman, threatens violence against Fresh earlier if any drugs are missing from the count.


He can be very heartless and hot-tempered.