Essex Corp., also known as Alkali, is a company owned by Dr. Zander Rice seeking to make a profit by creating and selling mutant supersoldiers. They are behind the creation of the X-Men clone children and the main antagonists of Logan.



Essex raised several children genetically altered with mutant DNA inside of the Alkali facility. As the children grew up, Essex attempted to program them to be soldiers. However, the children did not want to kill, and with the help of Gabriela and several other nurses, most of the children have escaped. In response to this the CEO of Essex Corp, Dr. Zander Rice, dispatched Donald Pierce and the Reavers to go recover the children.

Essex also at some point began working on a clone of the Wolverine, dubbed X-24. Once the clone was finished developing, Dr. Rice sent it after X-23 and Logan.

Eventually, Dr. Rice, Pierce, X-24 and the Reavers were wiped out by Logan and the X-23 children. It is unknown what happened to the company afterward.


  • The name of this corporation is a reference to ??? ESSEX CORP: Mr. Sinister. Alluding to what takes place in the next movie in the X-men line.
  • Essex Corp is quite similar to Shinra Inc from Final Fantasy VII: They are family-owned science companies that specialize in genetics.


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