A picture of Espresso.

Espresso is the sole main antagonsist of ModNation Racers. He was the champion of the ModNation Racing Championship,


  • In ModNation Racers for the PlayStation Portable, his Grudge Match has an added condition to win; you must take him down before you beat him.
  • In the PS3 Version, Espresso has no Grudge Match whatsoever.
  • It is important to note that the SUX-600D and Espresso's Kart are two different vehicles altogether.
  • It is possible that Espresso may have been in the circus before becoming a racer. This is because he wears clown pants, has a pet monkey dressed like a circus man, and circus music comes on in different cutscenes with him in them.
  • Espresso has a cupholder in his kart, and there is a coffee cup in it, presumably filled with espresso.
  • Espresso may possibly be of Italian descent, as he speaks with an Italian accent in the cutscenes, as well as references Italian dishes in his dialogue.
  • In the PSP Version, Espresso's Kart has jet engines instead of the engine it uses in the PS3 version.