Espinoza is a minor antagonist in the video game Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption

Espinoza is one of Colonel Agustin Allende's two lieutenants, alongside Vincente De Santa. He aids de Santa and John Marston (who was working for the Mexican tyrannical army in order to get Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella) in clearing the Tesoro Azul rebel hideout, and then aids Marston and de Santa in clearing the Torquemada rebel hideout. He and de Santa seem to have a very hostile rivalry, constantly insulting each other. After the gunfights at Tesoro Azul and Torquemada, de Santa decides to get rid of Marston and Espinoza. De Santa tells Allende that Espinoza is a very skilled captain, and the one who caused their victory in Torquemada. Allende then sends Espinoza, Marston and some other soldiers to defend a train, impressed by de Santa's report. Unknown to any of them, de Santa did this in order to secretly put rookie soldiers guarding the train, with only Espinoza and Marston as the skilled ones. However, Espinoza is saved by Marston's impressive skill with the gun.


Allende is soon bribed by Williamson and Escuella to kill Marston and protect them. Allende then orders de Santa to set a trap for Marston, and since Espinoza's loyalties lie with Allende, he also decides to aid in the trap. De Santa lures Marston to a church in Chuparosa, lying to the American that Williamson and Escuella are being held captive there. De Santa then knocks Marston unconscious and prepares to execute him, but Abraham Reyes, the rebel leader, saves Marston by shooting De Santa's executioner. In the ensuing gunfight, de Santa escapes but Espinoza is killed by Marston.


  • The Coronel needs a maid, a woman he cannot fuck. De Santa is that woman. (Espinoza about De Santa)