We are the Esoterica. We stand here tonight as liberators.
~ One of the members of the Esoterica.

The Esoterica, are a powerful cult that are guardians and protectors of the influential cult known as the Flame Keepers' Circle and fellow worshipers of the extradimensional entity known as Diagon.


The Esoterica are workers of a philanthropic organization called the Flame Keepers' Circle who take donations and use them to provide humanitarian aid. Recruiting celebrities to spread their message is also common.

Aside from having access to alien technology, the cult's warriors are ninja-like fighters who use this technology that allows them to move between dimensions as demonstrated when they move between Earth and Diagon's homeworld. They use it to teleport over short distances and walk through the air.

They stopped Ben from destroying Vilgax, who they worshipped as Diagon.

After Ben's final battle with both Diagon and Vilgax, all members of both the Esoterica and the Flame Keepers' Circle were disbanded.

Powers and Abilities


The Esoterica

They have the ability to move between dimensions and appear back to the same dimension at will. They can also manipulate energy for offensive and defensive purposes. The Esoterica are very agile and skilled fighters.


  • The name Esoterica comes from the word "esoteric" which means hard to understand; known only to a few.