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30 esophagor curse

Esophagor cursing Albert the Kacheek and convinces him to gets the foods.

"It's always, 'Allbbertttt, Wwhheerre isss myy fooodd?' or 'Myy sttommacch hurrttss' or 'I aamm staarrvvingg'. So I rush off into the creepy graveyard to fetch the lazy guy some food, hoping that when I come back he'll remove the curse like he promised and I can go back to my normal life. But when I offer him some Snorkle Snout, Mouldy Cheese, and other revolting things he has a special taste for, he shouts the usual, 'Tooo ssllooooww... YYOOU HAAAVVEEE FFAAIILLLEEDD!! I aamm stiiilll huunnggrryyy...' and then I go back out there to my new home, the Mutant Graveyard of Doom, hoping, someday, to find the right items in the right amount of time. Otherwise, I'm going to *sob* be the Esophagor's only friend *sob* forever." 

- Esophagor who sobbing Albert the Kacheek

Esophagor is a hungry mutant who was always hungry, on Neopets on a quest, you must feed the Esophagor by finding the foods for him for days and also the nights to make him happy.

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