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Esmerelda Di Pietro is a supporting antagonist in Dinsney Channel's Original Latin-American series Violetta. She is an actress hired by Jade & Matias LaFontaine to seduce Herman and leave him afterwards. She is portrayed by Carla Pandoffi.


Esmerlda Di Pietro was hired by Jade and Matias to help steal the money of famous architect Herman Castillo. She first meets Herman at a cafe` and learns that he is a widower with a teenage daughter named Violetta. She pretends to be a buisness woman and gets Herman to hire her as a secretary for his office. Herman invites her over where she meets the entire famly and showers them with her "kindness" and maintains in contact with Jade and Matias to tell them how things are going with Herman. However, she gets annoyed when Jade keeps interfering with the plan out of jealousy due to her lingering feelings for Herman and considers quitting until Matias convinces her to stay. Violetta is very supportive of her father's relationship with Esmerelda in contrast to her disdain back when her father was getting married to Jade.

Matias creates a cybernetic worm called Tootie that can transfer Herman's money to his Matias. With that, Herman gets bankrupt and is forcibly unemployed putting him under house arrest (mirroring Matias's own house arrest in the first season). When the family is being evicted due to the money loss, Esmerlda by saves the day by paying for Herman's bail and in return accepts Herman's offer to move in with him. Her daughter Ambar stays over while her father is away on a business trip and starts blackmailing people to do her bidding by recording them out of context with a tablet that Esmerlda unintentionally bought for her. Ambar eventually realizes the error of her ways and deletes the videos just as she taken back by her father. Halfway throughout the season, Herman proposes to Esmerelda and she accepts with the intention of leaving him on their wedding day. During the wedding, Esmerlda's true colors are revealed and she leaves Herman at the altar never to be seen again.

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