Esme is a seemingly innocent teenager who's the vice-president of Temple High University's most popular sorority, Alpha Nu. She's the secondary antagonist in the re-imagined horror film, The Initiation of Sarah


Esme is seen helping the sorority's president, Corrine, as she is too, a devout of the Eternal Flame; offering sacrifices in exchange for synthethic magic. During the events of the film, she was caught by Sarah and theatened Corrine that she would kill her with her own knife. Corrine didn't fear since she knew that the Knife of Truth could only cut through The One's skin. Esme also lead the defense movement against PED's members when they stormed in Alpha Nu's quarters to rescue Lindsay.

At the end of the movie, Esme is shown to be alive and carrying the dying embers of the Eternal Flame in a cauldron.