Eshros and Shin 2

Eshros is a minor villain in Zatch Bell


Eshros is a mamodo, from his world to participate in the fight to become king of mamodo world. His partner is a large but gentle man named Shin, who was bullied throughout his childhood due to his immense size. The pair met Zatch and Kiyo, who had overheard the two were planning to destroy Shin's childhood school and has come to stop them. During the fight Shin saw Eshros for what he really was and, though they defeated Zatch, he chose to burn Eshros' book himself, sending him back to the mamodo world.


Eshros is arrogant, cruel, and manipulative, claiming to be an "elite" and twisting the advice of Shin's late mother (to stand up for himself) to cause destruction.


Eshros posses a wide variety of earth based spells, possessing eight to Zatch's three during their fight.

  1. Groundam: Causes two large walls of earth to rise out of the ground and smash the target.
  2. Clayshield: Creates a frontal shield out of dirt.
  3. Grandbao: Sends a explosive shockwave through the earth.
  4. Groundgarudo: Causes a stone spice to shoot up from the ground.
  5. Claydo: Causes a mud like substance to snare the enemy.
  6. Groundsen: Creates four boulder firing stone cannons.
  7. Groundcrag: Shatters the ground around Eshros into chunks.
  8. Groundbai: Eshros summon a snake made of earth to attack his foe.