The Embryo Storage - New units (or simply Es-N) are eight antagonists in the video game XBlaze - Code: Embryo, they are mindless artificial beings who answer only to Soichiro Unomaru, their creator. The ninth Es-N was in development at the time of her sister units and creators death; she was adopted by Mei Amanohokosaka.


Artificial, mindless beings who answer only to their creator, Soichiro Unomaru. The 8 Es-N units are frighteningly powerful and often act in packs. They are powerful enough to even hold out against the Original Grimoire.

After the death of her sister units and Unomaru, the last Es-N is adopted by Mei Amanohokosaka, she proves to be a valuable asset in the extraction of Drive-Progressors.


The Es-N units bear an extreme resemblance to the Murakumo Units. They all have cheekbone length silvery-white hair with two small antennae poking above the hairline. They have ghostly pale skin and a red visor that is almost identical to the one that Nu-13 wears in her battle mode.

Below the neck, they all wear a snow white and ebony body suit that covers them from head to toe with the exception of their stomach, which is left open to the elements; green rings cover their wrists, ankles and just below their kneecaps.

Powers and Abilities

They can all summon eight energy blades that look and act in a similar fashion to Lux Sanctus: Murakumo's swords. On top of this, they also wield a sword with a long white handle and a green and black energy blade with deadly proficiency.