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Erza Mills is Abbie and Jenny Mills' father, who will appear in Sleepy Hollow to serve as a recurring antagonist in the latter half of its third season.

He is portrayed by James McDaniel and has made his debut in "Incident At Stone Manor".



Like many other Sleepy Hollow residents, Erza's early life is surronded in mystery. At some point in his life, he married Lori Roberts and gave birth to two daughters, Abbie and Jenny. However, Erza was not a loving and caring father, but a rather disturbing and abusing alchoholic. He hardly cared his family, making his daughters lack of fathering love. A couple years later, he walked out of the family and his whereabouts were unknown, making his poor wife raise and protect the children along.

However, Erza's leaving was only the beginning of the Mills sisters' ordeals. Later, even Lori cannot raise her children due to her falsely imprisonment in Tarrytown caused by Leena Reyes, and she soon died in there. From then on, Abbie and Jenny went into a foster home, where they were harshly treated. The girls' ultimate downspiral of their life is the time when they met Moloch in the woods, but the ordeals finally over when they met August Corbin, unknowing to each other.

During the battle against Moloch, Erza's whereabouts are unknown. Both Abbie and Jenny express a mild anger about their lost father.


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