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"You won't touch him again."
~ Erron Black to Rain
Erron Black is one of the antagonists of Mortal Kombat X, a gunslinger who works and aids Kotal Kahn, for the accomplishment of his plans.

Power and Abilities

Erron Black is very competent with pistols and rifle, which are able to hit targets from a long distance and he is able to fight hand-to-hand without any problems.

Erron is notable for his marksmanship and his ability to ricochet bullets, he is also able to predict the opponent movements and attack with bombs filled with sand.

He has a longevity where his aging process is very slow since he obtained from Shang Tsung 150 years ago.

Lastly he uses a sword, which is a severed Tarkatan arm blade to stab and slash his enemies.


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