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Ernie McCraken

Ernie McCraken is the main antagonist in the 1996 movie Kingpin.

He was portrayed by actor/comedian Bill Murray.


In 1979, when he battles Roy Munson in a bowling tournament and loses. He sabotages Roy's car with sugar and sets him up in a bowling game gone wrong. In which he abandons him to the group of angry bowlers and Roy loses his hand.

In 96' he meets Roy and his friends in Reno. They both have a rematch. But Ernie wins. Yet Claudia,explains at the end, that Stanley,her boyfriend,made a bet against Roy and he gave her the money and also tells him that she's been seeing Ernie,to get Stanley off they're backs and give Ernie a little payback.Stanley and his gang to go after Ernie and beat him up really hard off screen.