Ernesto Neyron is one of the main antagonists of a 1968 episode in Mission: Impossible: The Bargain

He is portrayed by Albert Paulsen.


General Ernesto Neyron, dictator of Suranaica, a small country in Central America. For unknown reasons, Neyron sought asylum in the United States, living in exile at his closely guarded Miami estate with regular guard patrols, and no way to break in except to have Neyron invite someone in.

Recently Neyron decided to finance a military coup which will return him to power, he is about to conclude a deal with Frank Layton, a top syndicate leader and operates at a Miami beach hotel. In exchange for several million dollars, Neyron agreed to legalize gambling in Suranaica and give all rights to the syndicate.

Jim Phelps and the IMF team are sent in to stop Neyron and the syndicate. Barney Collier, Willy Armitage and Cinnamon Carter pose as servants for Neyron. Neyron refused to accept negotiable bonds as money, because he deals with cash, but Layton couldn't get Neyron the cash due to their bank closed and has get it to him tomorrow, Neyron kept the bonds until after Layton gives him the cash, Neyron'll give him back the bonds.

Barney put a drug in Neyron's food to make him drowsy and pretend he didn't see anything. Barney and Cinnamon steal the bonds from his safe to make it look like Neyron gave them to Rollin Hand, using the name Schmidt, and if Layton discovers their not there he might kill Neyron. Layton came to Neyron's estate and told him to open the safe, Neyron refused but Barney opened it by remote control. Layton checked and Neyron pulled out his gun and killed Layton. Jim, before killing Layton, called the police.