Ermen Palmer

Ermen Palmer was a minor villain in No More Heroes. After Travis Touchdown kills his half-sister Jeane, he goes to his hotel so he could finally relax and take a dump. Even though he says it's over, Ermen kicks the door while Travis is still taking a dump. Ermen said to him that since Travis is the 1st ranked assassin, he's not safe, and that everyone wants to kill the 1st ranked assassin of the UAA. It looks like that Travis was going to die by Ermen's hand however Henry comes out of nowhere slices Ermen in half, killing Palmer, just because he want to fight and possibly kill Travis in a fair fight.


  • Ermen Palmer is the only assassin that doesn't show his face
  • There are actually 2 endings, the first ending saying that Travis' going to die, Travis says "You've got to be shitting me!", and the game ends with the Star Wars-like credits. The second ending is the same, however Henry comes in and saves Travis from getting killed.