Eris is the goddess of discord, a major rival of Athena in the series Saint Seiya. She is a goddess who does not govern any kingdom, but preaches the destruction of Sekai. However, she was imprisoned in a Golden Snitch, which served to host his soul. This golden snitch, is taken by Comet Repulse, which like any comet, it takes a lot to spend the night sky.

Through the comet, the Snitch falls on Earth, and its host is attracted to there, but his life is still linked to the object, and therefore, Eris captures Athena for her to donate your vital energy to the Snitch and so, it can completely out of it. When she comes out of this prison, you may have normal body restored and with his body on earth, it will be destroyed.

However, Seiya destroys the Snitch with his arrow, and like any earthly being, to your body be destroyed, Eris is sent to the Underworld.

In the Underworld itself, Eris revives Lucifer together with Poseidon and Abel, and begins to destroy the world with your help.