Erin was the main villain of the Tale Of Jake And The Leprechaun, an episode of the children's horror-series Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
Erin was pretending to be the main actor of the play "Will O The Wisp" - however he was merely using the play to trick a boy named Jake into reciting an evil curse and drink a cursed potion so as to transform the boy into a changeling.
However Jake was aided by a real-life leprechaun known as Sean and tracked Erin down to his home, setting off his fire-alarm so as to distract him long enough for them to look around his room: which had a shrine with Jake's picture on it and multiple candles (which were used for ceremonial magic).
However the two couldn't escape quite in time and had to hide under Erin's bed when he returned, allowing them to see the horrific transformation as he removed his fake human ears to reveal his grotesque true elfin ears, he also removed his shoes to reveal gnarled slightly deformed feet (akin to a hobbit) and finally when he went to recite his usual dark magic at the shrine he took of his shirt: revealing an unnaturally hairy back.
As Erin practiced his evil magic the two escaped, when the two reached safely it was revealed Erin was actually a banshee, described as the cruellest of all the pixies and that they must feed on human souls every seven years: which he was already planning on doing to Erin.
However Jake was able to confront Erin with help from Sean on the night of the play, while Sean provided Jake with some magical aid it was up to Jake to take on Erin himself during the play - however Jake lost his gaze and Erin transformed into his true form and tried to attack the boy in front of the audience (who believed it was all part of the play).
However Sean appeared to aid Jake, only for Erin to apparently kill him with a blast of energy.
Erin proceeded to transfom Jake into a frog and gloated over his victory, however moments later Sean appeared again - the clever leprechaun not only alive but ready to finish Erin off via ancient fairy-magic, Sean proceeded to free Jake from the curse and the two received a true "happily ever after".


  • Erin is a very rare example of a male banshee, a creature that is normally depicted as female - also the idea of changelings being transformed humans is rather unique as the changeling myths tended to view them as the natural offspring of fairies that would be exchanged with human infants.
  • Although depicted as benevolent in this particular story leprechauns were not really known to be particularly pleasant fairies, nor where they overly malicious - they were solitary beings and didn't associate with humans often: likewise the banshee was not always a malevolent creature.