Erika Hautala is a villain that has appeared in one episode of the Italian comic book series Dylan Dog.


A funny little hat, the inevitable umbrella. A polite genteel old lady. Behind these reassuring forms there hides a loathsome demon! Erika Hautala is not an ordinary nanny, she was the nanny of a girl called mita. Mita loved her like a mother until getting older she came to discover that Erika killed her father and was killing other people around her. Mita payed London nightmare detective Dylan Dog to uncover the truth, Together they discovered a terrible secret, Erika wasn't any ordinary lady but a shapeshifting monster or deamon, she was about to kill dylan untill Mita told her how much she hated her, upon earing this Erika turned into a mass of shapeshifting creatures before dissolving. Erika dissappeard because she fed of the love that Mita gave her, anyway it is unknown if Erika truly died or if she simply lost her embodied form.