Erik Weber is a character in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes Locum and Bullseye. At first, he started out as an anti-hero of sorts, but then became the main antagonist by the end of the episode Bullseye.

He was portrayed by Scottish-Peruvian actor Henry Ian Cusick

Before Locum and Bullseye

Weber's British voice indicates that he either grew up in Britain, or America and was raised by British parents. Weber was an excellent artist and martial artist, but there was a darker side to him: he was sexually attracted to little girls. In 1982, when Weber was 16, he raped his 9 year old sister Grace. He promised he wouldn't do it again, but he kept on raping her presumably until she wasn't little anymore.

In later years, Weber came up with a sob story that Grace hanged herself in 1982 after being raped by an unknown assailant. He eventually moved to New York and became a leader for COAP, an organization against registered sex offenders, pedophiles, and child rapists. This, along with moving to a neighborhood full of registered sex offenders, became a perfect cover for raping little girls. Weber also had excellent computer hacking skills, which also came in handy.

In Locum

Detectives Stabler and Benson were investigating the disappearance of MacKenzie Burton. After finding emails between MacKenzie and another man, Detectives and the Burton's tracked her to Grand Central Station where they eventually found her sitting next to and talking to Erik Weber. Weber was arrested, but said that he was a member of COAP, and that his little sister was raped years ago.

Detectives learn that the boy MacKenzie was talking to was her former foster brother, who planned to run away together; Weber was supposedly just trying to convince MacKenzie to go home. Weber is released from custody, and offers Detective Benson a cup of coffee some time, but she politely declines.

In Bullseye

A 10 year old girl is found in a supermarket, traumatized with blood on her upper leg from her vagina. The girl seemed even more traumatized when the nurse had a camera, saying that the rapist took pictures of her. The Detectives eventually track the girl's mother and stepfather, Jeff and Amber Samonsky, a nerdy couple of slobs who have become so obsessed with a video game that they don't even know the Detectives are there until they unplug the game. The girl is identified as Rose Samonsky, that Amber has a condition in which she can't recognize her own child (much like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers), and that Jeff didn't rape Rose. Rose says that her rape occurred at Laffy Play Time.

The Detectives go there and Stabler sees a strange, obese, child-like man playing with the kids who becomes scared to death when Stabler simply stands over the man. The man is Stuart Linderby, who has Noonan's Syndrome, and is a registered sex offender because some children saw him urinate in the bushes; the judge took one look at Stuart and immediately put him on the registry. Mrs. Linderby says that recently, her and her son have been harassed by COAP, who slandered Stuart as being an actual child rapist. Erik Weber is once again questioned by Detectives, who give him Rose's picture for him to show people and help. But things got out of hand when Weber leaked the picture to the news station.

It isn't long before Captain Cragen says another girl, Mandy LeCompte, has been raped in the same manner as Rose. After searching through several sex offenders, Benson goes over to Erik's apartment where he shows her how he hacked into several Internet servers with child pornography. The pictures of Rose and Mandy are shown, and they were uploaded to a computer belonging to Edwin Adelson (Stephen Tobolowsky), a middle-aged man and a former sex offender who has since changed his ways; he is now married and he and his wife are expecting a child. After his arraignment, Adelson commits suicide by driving his car into a truck, which causes an explosion.

It seems that it's all over. Mandy is told that the man who attacked her felt so guilty about what he did that he took his own life. Mandy and her mom are introduced to Weber, who offers both of them karate lessons. Mandy recognizes Erik's voice, and before leaving urinates on the chair she was sitting in. Benson realizes that Mandy just told them who really raped her.

Benson goes back to Weber's apartment, and sarcastically tells him how he likes to chase pedophiles for a living, until Weber snaps and tells her to stop calling him one, even though she didn't. Weber wants Benson to leave and threatens to call police. When Benson brings up Grace being alive, Weber reminds her that she hanged herself in 1982; that's when Stabler shows up with a now adult Grace to prove otherwise. She was still alive, easy to find in the Delaware phone book. Grace tells them how her brother raped her when she was little and kept on doing it. Erik breaks down, saying that he knows he's sick, and that it ends up winning. Benson berates him some more until he tries attacking her, but she knocks Weber out cold. Grace grabs a kama, with Benson trying to get her not to do whatever it was she was going to do with it. Seemingly intending to kill Erik, she instead destroys the picture of her when she was a little girl, before breaking down herself.

It is presumed that Erik went to prison and was expelled from COAP.