Bring it on mage
~ Eridan before fighting Sollux
Eridan Ampora is one of the two 'confirmed' antagonists in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. Andrew Hussie confirmed this in a tweet that declared Eridan and Gamzee the antagonists of his webcomic. He is a violet-blooded troll (second highest on the Hemospectrum) with a 'genocide complex' towards lower-blooded trolls. Which he justifies by the fact that they drop rubbish on the beach on which he lives. 

Act 5 Act 1

Eridan was Vriska Sekets kismesis (rival) and was moirails with Feferi Peixes. Vriska and Eridan's rivalry died out because Vriska no longer found him interesting and she had new black feelings for another troll, Tavros Nitram. Eridan tries to re-establish his relationship with Vriska, who shuts him down. Feferi broke up with Eridan shortly after they both entered the game, shocked he asks her to explain her reasons, to which she ignores and drops contact. Eridan is implied to have met Sollux Captor on the Land Of Brains and Fire for a duel, which ended as a draw.

Kanaya Maryam took Eridan on as an apprentice, and began teaching him how to use magic (perhaps brung on by Kanayas fascination with Rose Lalonde's magic)

Act 5 Act 2

Eridan told Feferi and Sollux that he would join Jack Noir because he saw no hope in continuing the game the way they were playing. He encouraged both of them to join him. Sollux doesn't believe him and proceeds to  make fun of him as he tries to persaude Feferi (who he says he still cares about: "Despite wwhat you may think, I still care about you". Sollux continues to taunt Eridan, and challenges him to a second duel: "...2eems only fiittiing II take you down iin round two" to which Eridan replies "Bring it Mage". They fight, as Feferi tries desperately to break them up. Eridan ends up knocking Sollux out against a wall and blinding him. Feferi (thinking Sollux dead) attacked Eridan with her trident. Eridan shot her with his science wand through the heart. Kanaya watches this outburst in shock, holding her lipstick-chainsaw at the ready. Eridan sees this as intimidation and then proceeds to destroy the Matriorb, the only hope for his kind's future (so far), fitting his title as the Prince (destroyer) of Hope. Kanaya is outraged and attempts to kill Eridan, only to be killed via a fatal blast through the stomach. He absconds quickly afterwards, leaving Karkat Vantas standing in the middle of the carnage open mouthed and shocked.

Eridan then meets up with Gamzee Makara and Vriska Serket. Before the three can go into deadly combat Kanaya (who revived herself via dubious methods) interrupted, pucnhing Vriska, kicking Gamzee in the groin and sliced Eridan in half, killing him.

Eridan killed by Kanaya

Act 6 Act 2

Eridan makes a re-appearance in Act 6 Act 2 as a ghost in his God Tier form. Eridan is revealed when Rose introduces him.

Eridans ghost in God Tier form

Act 6 Act 3

Eridans ghost is seen at the end of Act 6 Act 3 (top left corner of a Flash insert) He is seen in a dream bubble were everyone else was at before the bubble was destroyed by Lord English instantly killing Eridan as well as everyone else in the dream bubble at the time.

Act 6 Act 5 Act 1

Eridan makes an appearance in Act 6 Act 6 Act 2. After Gamzee Makara steals Eridan and Sollux's dead bodies. Gamzee prototypes them into a fused Sprite named Erisolsprite. 

Erisolsprite flipping off Jake

This Sprite is owned by Jake English and the Sprite seems to hate Jake, and nearly everything he's confronted with. His character is known for his contant flipping off. 

He has too much self-loathing to live, but is too apathetic to self-destruct, so he's stuck in a state of eternal hatred towards literally everything and everyone.

Act 6 Act 5 Act 2

Before Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 was disconnected from Homestuck and turned into Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 the Erisolsprite made an appearance. After Jake goes into trickster mode Jake asked the Sprite if it wanted to go on adventures with him. The Sprite refused but was then forced to go with him.

During this time, after the re-con where John Egbert saved the GameOver!timeline. We see dead Eridan again in God-Tier with Feferi Piexes, bringing Mayor back to life on the Land Of Wrath and Angels.

Act 6 Act 6 Act 5

During Act 6 Act 6 Act 5, Eridan dead body is seen transforming into a ghost and entering the afterlife. There he found Sollux, Aradia, and Feferi greeting him and deemed to be forgiving him for his previous misgivings.   

interpersonal relationships

[Vantas|Karkat Vantas] - Friends, gossip buddies. Extremely close to the point that Feferi believed they were something more. They drffted apart after the game started and Karkat rejected him as a friend in a memo after Murderstuck.

Sollux Captor [1] - Eridan and Sollux had little to do with each other before the game. They are implied to never have even talked. They do not like each other. They met for duels, which ended in Sollux becoming blind. The eventually became a sprite together, Erisolsprite.

Nepeta Leijon - Eridan was Nepetas server player, and saved her life during the game (how was never explained). Nepeta does not seem to like Eridan very much.

Kanaya Maryam - Viewed each other as friends before the Matriorb incident. Eridan told Kanaya that if he ever found a way to kill the landwellers, he would make sure she was unharmed. Kanaya trained Eridan as a wizard. Eridan killed Kanaya during Murderstuck, to which she returns the favour after being resurrected.

Vriska Serket - Ex-kismesis, implied to have been kismesis's for most of the time before the game. A parallel to Mindfang and Dualscar. FLARPing buddies.

Feferi Peixes - used Eridans skills as an orphaner to feed her lusus. Moirails for a very long time. Eridan developed red feelings for her, which he poured out to her, only to be shut down and left for Sollux (previously mentioned)

Rose Lalonde - contacted by Eridan, he tried to give her Ahabs Crosshairs

Jade Harley - also contacted by Eridan, he gave her Ahabs Crossahairs, which she promptly threw out of her window.


  • Eridan was confirmed to been Grimdark by creator, Andrew Hussie, during Murderstuck  
  • Prior to starting the game, Eridan was one of the most romantically successful trolls, having filled two quadrants (Kismesis: Vriska Serket and Moirail: Feferi Peixes). He shares this success with Vriska, who had also filled two quadrants (Kismesis: Eridan Ampora, Moirail: Terezi Pyrope)  
  • Eridan's choices and story are the most similar to his ancestors, Dualscar, in comparison to the other beta trolls (killing his timelines Maryam, becoming an Orphaner for his timelines Piexes, having unrequited red feelings for his Peixes, having a black relationship with a Serket, having an interest in marine based activities, and bring killed relatively early in their timelines respectively)  
  • Eridan was the only character that was blocked by Vriska on Trollian  
  • Eridan's science wand was a copy of Hermione Grangers wand