Erick Rowan is a wrestler in the WWE. He is part of the Wyatt Family, a villainous stable. Erick Rowan is most famous for entering the arena wearing a plastic sheep mask. During matches, Erick Rowan normally teams up with Luke Harper while Bray Wyatt watches from ringside on a rocking chair.


He is well-known for wearing a white sheep mask that he wears upon entering. He wears a sleeveless coat that covers most region of his body. The coat can be both green or blue. Unlike all members of the Wyatt Family , he doesn't consist with a longer hair but instead has a bald scalp. Like every member of the Family, he wears a beard.

Rowan mask

Erick Rowan's distinguished mask


Erick Rowan debuted in the WWE along with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper where they attacked Kane on an episode of RAW. There, Erick Rowan and the rest of the Wyatt Family begin beating down mainly jobbers until they target bigger name wrestlers like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. 

In Wrestling

Signature Moves

  • Scoop Slam: Erick Rowan takes down other wrestlers using this powerslam.
  • Spin Kick: Rowan spins around and kicks the opponent with his heel.

Finishing Moves

  • Full Nelson Slam: Rowan grips his opponent into a full nelson hold, then carries them up and slam them face-first to the mat.
  • Running Splash: Erick Rowan lands on his opponents with a running splash.