Ericius Liquor
Ericius Liquor (エリキウス・リクォール Erikiusu Rikwōru?, 45-46) is a Hedgehog Lord (ヘッジホッグロード Hejjihoggu Rōdo?), he carried a sword named the Hellfired Ram-Dao (業火のラム・ダオ Gōka no Ramu Dao?) and used his quills as needles to turn whoever they hit into water. He about to kill Mana when Ryo intervened. Though his quill hit Shouichi by mistake, it was removed before the wound killed Shouichi while Liquor aided Falco in pursuing Mana and Ryo. Liquor overpowered G3-X until Shouichi and gang arrived, eventually regaining the Agito power. Liquor fell to an Assault Kick/Gills Heel Claw/Rider Kick combo attack.