Erica Renee Johnson real name Erica Renee Davis was the villainess of the TV reality show 13: fear is real.

She was potrayed by Herself.

She arrived on the island with the other contestant, she was an innocent woman at the beginning, but Ted was sure the first murderer was her when she knew it was Rodney Craft. Because she see Rodney acting strange, but the other guys see nothing wrong with him because they don't have the proof, so she was falsely accused by Ted. She tried to tell him she was not the murderer, the guys refuse to believe her until she survive the challenge, the guys was deceit to not see Ryan win, so when they move to an other area she was later happy to know Rodney was the murderer after his death. So when everyone was now looking for the deathbox for be the next murderer, Erica see it and take it without be noticed by the other and faked looking for it, so during the night she almost killed Ted who run away after seing her with the deathbox. So during the morning she finally decide to make a truce with Ted, she accepted to kill Cody and Adam to form an team with him and Nasser, but she later change her mind and lie about not having the deathbox anymore. Finally she killed Adam Ted tries to warned Melyssa about her, but she said to her defense she do not know what him and Nasser was talking about, so when ted survive the challenge she was happy but also sad because she do not have a roommate anymore. At almost the end she finally admit Nasser was her most competitor over Ted so she do a voodoo doll who look like Nasser, she was maybe falling in love with Ted, but she was later killed by Nasser when she was looking for one of the three deathbox.