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Erica Jones is the secondary antagonist of the 2010 film "My Babysitter's a Vampire", the secondary antagonist of the television series' first season, though brainwashed, and an anti-heroine in the second season (and most of the first).

She was portrayed by Kate Todd, who played Katee in "The L.A. Complex".

Film History

Erica is initially a nerdy girl. She is best friends with Sarah Fox and president of the Dusk fan club. At a party thrown by Jesse she is turned into a vampire. After she and Jesse try to capture everyone's souls she turns good. She and Sarah are now best friends again.

TV History

Season one

Erica is a lot less antagonistic in this series. But still keeps some of her evil ways. Erica is featured as an antagonist in the following season one episodes.

  • Three Cheers for Evil
  • Blood Drive
  • Smells Like Trouble

Season two

Erica becomes much nicer in this season even being nice to Ethan and Benny.


  • Erica was the secondary antagonist of the film. The secondary antagonist of the first season and the secondary anti-heroine of the second season.
  • She wasn't a big threat in the first season, however, she is the most recurring villainess. In the second season however, she became an anti-hero, if not full on hero.
  • Erica's last name was given to her by her actress.
  • Erica is the only vampire that does not died with the other vampires in the movie because Sarah refused to let her be killed.
  • While the film presented her as a straightforward villain, the series presents her in a more anti-heroic role, constantly crossing the line between antagonist and ally.

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